We Miss You

We miss you!  Every day it snows, we mention how much it has taken out of our lives this year not having so many of our regular customers come in for their Christmas treats, gifts and wines.  In the past, we have always been able to vicariously share your menus for holiday parties, get tips on preparing traditional old world Christmas Eve dishes such as bacalhau or cardos and be inspired by your plans for truly wonderful Christmas feasts.  This year, the mood of those of you who struggled in was less bacchanalian and more survivalist.  You showed us the mukluks you dug out of the back of your closet, stuffed a few key essentials into your backpacks, pulled up the hood on your anorak and headed back out across the ice.
Christmas at our house is subdued not only by the weather but by the fact that when we moved out last July so the contractor could repair extensive dry rot, we put our Christmas decorations and ornaments in storage in a facility over the edge of the hill east of Avalon here in West Seattle, a facility completely inaccessible in this weather.  But there are only a few details left to be finished on our house (like the front and back porches) and we are back home counting our blessings as we shovel snow off the driveway.
But here comes New Year’s 2009.  We have lots of cava in stock (actually we have lots of inventory period).  The snow is melting so come on down and share your ice and snow stories with us!
Closed Christmas Day; open 10 am -6 pm Friday.
Feliz Ano Novo!  ¡Prospero Año Nuevo!


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