Rubentis Txakoli and other roses

Spanish Table Seattle Newsletter                                                              April 7, 2011

We love rosés! Not only for the sensory pleasure of sipping a chilled glass on a hot afternoon, but also because rosés are phenomenal food wines.  Delicately ephemeral, their cleansing acidity refreshes the palate like nothing else. Rosés are superb with grilled vegetables or fish, poultry dishes, salads and paella, all year round.

Three 2010 rosés arrived today! 2010 Amestoi Rubentis Txakoli ($18.99) is a customer favorite from the Basque region of Spain. Salmon colored and effervescent, it’s low alcohol content (10.5%) makes it a great choice for afternoon sipping. 2010 Gurrutxaga Txakoli Rosé ($19.99) is new this year. Cherry colored, with the same low alcohol and spritziness as Rubentis, Gurrutxaga has notes of melon and maritime scents. Quantities of these two Txakoli Rosés are extremely limited! 2010 Olivares Rosé, Jumilla ($8.99) is an excellent value. Last year’s wine was a perfect balance of fresh berry with a crisp and dry finish. It sold out quickly. More came in this year, so there’s time to taste a bottle before buying it by the case.

On Tuesday April 19, 2011 we've got a special dinner coming up at The Harvest Vine featuring the stellar wines of Rioja's Bodegas Ontañón. Fifth generation family member Raquel Perez Cuevas will be in town and will guide us through an evening of wines paired with The Harvest Vine's always glorious food. $65.00 per person, includes four wine flights - 2008 Vetiver Blanco, 2007 Ontañón Crianza, 2004 Ontañón Reserva and 2001 Ontañón Gran Reserva.  Click Ontanon Dinner for the menu. 6:30 Guest Arrival.

We'll be carrying freshly made, ready-to-eat Empanadas every Saturday. Owner Rodrigo of Maria Luisa Empanadas will deliver them at noon and feature six flavors, including vegetarian. They are $3.00 each, with a 10% discount for purchases of 6, and 20% off for a dozen. Great for parties! We receive 8 dozen each Saturday, so please pre-order if you'd like to pick up a large quantity. 


Castellot:  Hand made by at the Mas D’Eroles dairy in the Catalan Pyrenees, this raw cow’s milk cheese is cured for 3-4 months. Great for the health nut, most of the fat is drained away, leaving low fat content and an acidic flavor. Wonderfully creamy, herbaceous, and mildly tart, this is the BEST young cow’s milk cheese in our case! Pairs well with nuts, fresh grapes, and cava. 
Ermesenda: Another of Mas D'Eroles hand-made cheeses this stunning raw cow's milk holds an elastic springiness and a complex flavor which develops in the mouth. Soft, dense, and beautifully crumbly Ermesenda is a mildly beefy cheese with a strong and persistent roasted hazelnut finish.
Autor Cheese: is a raw goat's milk cheese from Quatratondo, 60 km. outside of Valencia. The raw goat's milk is curdled with thistle rennet and aged for 60 days in an underground cavern. Depending on the season the cheese can be creamy, flaky, or runny; we've got a creamy version. The flavor finishes with notes of grass, herbs, and citrus.


¡Cuitlacoche! Acorn fungus whose Nahuatl name means, quite literally, Raven's Droppings." But don't let these facts scare you away because these corn mushrooms have been a Mexican delicacy for over a thousand years. Also referred to as the "Mexican Truffle," cuitlacoche is a fantastic compliment to Mexican soups or tortilla dishes.
¡Pequin Peppers! These small chiles are also known as "bird peppers," because of our feathered friends' affinity for the younger green pods. But beware! Even birds know to be cautious of the mature red pepper. These little guys pack about 7 to 8 times as much heat as your average jalapeño! Incredible for home-made hot sauces, an additional sizzle to your soup, and to compliment Camarones al ajillo.


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