Paella kits for Christmas

Feliz navidad a todos! In Spain Christmas is all about food and gifts are predominantly of the edible variety. And while we have many enticing provisions that make wonderful Christmas presents, one of our favorites is the paella kit. Let’s face it; we’re serious paella geeks around here! From a basic set to a wildly luxurious one, we have a myriad of ideas for the cooks on your list….or aspiring cooks….or those dear ones whom you fervently wish would take an interest in cooking more often… Ehem, I digress.

Ultimate Paella Kit

The basic kit

For a cook who is new to paella, this is a great gift to get started. Equipped with a sparkling new paella pan, a book of exciting, easy to follow recipes, and the key ingredients, he’ll be on the way to culinary triumph in no time. This basic kit includes the following:

  • An eight serving paella pan, in your choice of material
  • The book Paella: 40 delicious, Spanish-style recipes
  • ½ kilo of arroz bomba, the highest quaity paella rice
  • 1 gram of fine Spanish saffron
  • A box of smoked, semi-sweet pimentón de la vera

For the basic kit you can choose from our three best-selling pans including carbon steel, enameled, or stainless steel. Confused? Click here or see below for all you need to know about our paelleras.

The ultimate kit

Go beyond the basics with a customized kit that includes a selection of inspiring ingredients and tools for paella perfection. Start with beautiful, stainless steel paella pan and a detailed paella cookbook filled with recipes both traditional and modern. Add chorizo, extra virgin Spanish olive oil, Matiz sofrito and artichoke hearts from Navarra, cockles from Galicia, smoked sea salt and more!  Need more suggestions?  We’re always happy to geek out about paella so don’t hesitate to call or grab one of us when you come in to the store.

– Rachel Adams


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