Show some metal

Carbon or stainless steel? Enameled or Pata negra? Choosing a paella pan can be perplexing. Fortunately we are all paella geeks here at The Spanish Table and are always ready to answer your questions. Each type of pan has its merits and each suits a different type of cook. Here’s a basic guide:

carbonsteelpaelleraCarbon Steel – This is our value pan and can be found in many a Spanish kitchen. It is lightweight—great for taking to the beach for a summer paella cookout—and durable, cared for correctly it will last for ages.

A carbon steel pan does require some TLC (just like your favorite cast iron pan). However, maintaining this paellera is easy. We have included directions with every kit but here’s what the low down.

How to season a carbon steel paella pan: Before using for the first time, boil water in the pan to remove any dirt, oil, and label glue. Dry carefully, heat the pan up and then coat both sides with oil.  Season the pan by baking in the oven until the oil browns. Re-oil lightly after each use and remember never to leave water in the pan as it may rust. If rust does appear wipe it off with oil, and if necessary, use an emery cloth and oil to remove rust and clean down to the shiny metal. Then simply re-season the pan.


Enameled – Our enameled paella pans are another customer favorite. Like carbon steel they are also light weight and inexpensive. Unlike the former, however, they do not require seasoning—a perfect pan for the lazy cook!

stainlesssteelpaelleraStainless steel – Gorgeous sparkling steel with gold coated handles this is the beauty queen of paelleras.  It is also highly durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t require seasoning. It is a favorite for gifts and makes a stunning centerpiece on the table—especially when cradling a delectable paella, ole!

Pata negra  These are restaurant grade, ultra durable restaurant grade pans that can take real beating. Perfect for professional kitchens or those who show no mercy for their pots and pans!

Induction – We have a limited number of pans designed specifically for induction stoves that require pans to have a perfectly flat base.  Choose from pata negra or stainless steel induction paelleras.

Happy cooking!

– Rachel Adams


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