Whole jamones – Serrano & Ibérico

Christmastime in Spain: Look around and you will see a strange sight. Here and there, in the bustle of a downtown plaza or in the cramped quarters of the autobus, people are cradling mysterious, bulky packages. If you could peek beneath the wrapping, what would you discover? ….a whole leg of jamón, hoof and all!

A whole jamón is a common Christmas gift in Spain, where festive generosity revolves around food and drink. So why not celebrate Christmas like a Spaniard this year with beautifully cured a leg of jamón Serrano or Ibérico. Atop the table, it makes a show-stopping—not to mention mouth-watering—centerpiece for a party.

We have several whole jamones available for purchase at our Paris Grocery store, just two doors down the street from The Spanish Table. Choose from traditional jamones and paletas (the foreleg), Serrano, Ibérico, and Bellota, bone-in and boneless.

Jamón-Ibérico-FermínCurrently available:

  • Fermin bone-in jamón Serrano
  • Jamondor boneless jamón Serrano
  • Fermin boneless paleta Serrana
  • Fermin bone-in paleta Ibérica de Bellota

Feliz Navidad! Oink, oink.


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