A Tasmanian Brit takes on Spanish Paella


“My Basque Cuisine” by Ash Mair

One of my lazy weekend pleasures is listening to Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, a habit picked up while living in London. I potter about the kitchen making stock or trimming beans with half an ear cast towards the radio. It is an estimable program in which you find a satisfying balance of the serious and silly, the real and raw. From solemn discussions of women in politics to giddy gossips about the latest and greatest shade of lipstick, Woman’s Hour has it all. Among it’s many discussions, one of my favorites is a continuing segment entitled “Cook the Perfect,” in which  the presenter interviews a variety of chefs and takes the listener though the preparation of a chosen dish.

Recently, Woman’s Hour presented “Cook the Perfect Paella” with the Tasmanian born, Britain-based, Basque-loving chef Ash Mair. Click the link below for Mair’s tasty take on seafood paella with prawns, fennel, and aioli. Que rico! 

Cook the perfect….Paella



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