Sole Sips: 2010 Indigena, 100% Grenache, Penedes


Indigena or indigenous means “originating in a particular region or country, native”. What a great name for this 100% Grenache wine from the Penedes Region of Spain!

The Vineyard is located in A.O.C Penedes, in the south of Catalonia between the pre-coastal mountain range (Serralada Pre-litoral) and the Mediterranean Sea. The vineyards belong to Peres Balta, a family owned winery with roots that go back to 1790. The grapes are cultivated using organic methods, without any use of herbicides, pesticides or chemicals, allowing us to enjoy the full expression of terruño in the wine.

Deep, clean, and young cherry color, this wine invites you to continue.  Intense aromas of blackberry and plum. Satin tongue and vibrant mouth feel; you can feel the acidity playing with light tannins, while the fruit develops toasted notes and hints of caramel. With a light, elegant and fresh finish, it is not surprising that this delicate and feminine wine was made by two women.

Pairings: Try it with crab pie, risotto, or on a tapa with blue cheese.

– Soledad Clavería


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