Pimientos de Padrón

Padron peppers

Padrón peppers from Happy Quail Farms in California

The long awaited moment has arrived, green and gorgeous Padrón peppers make their seasonal debut at The Spanish Table this Friday, June 14th!

Padrón peppers are named for the little town of Padrón in the region of Galicia. Here, the pepper is so beloved it has its own festival. On the first Sunday in August  residents and visitors alike gather the carballeira of Herbón’s Franciscan convent, in commemoration of the Franciscan monks who brought the first pepper seeds to Galicia from Mexico in the 16th century.  There is a mass in honor of the pepper, followed by massive consumption of Padróns washed down with crisp Galician whites.

Pimientos de Padrón are traditionally eaten as for tapas, sauteed in a olive oil and sprinkled with coarse sea salt. Accompanied by a glass of Albariño they are utter perfection–sweet and earthy with a murmur of spice. While most Padróns are mild,this dish is sometimes referred to as ‘Russian roulette’ since one in every dozen or so peppers is quite spicy.

Buy fresh Padrón peppers at The Spanish Table or head to Harvest Vine to taste them for tapas!    – Rachel Adams



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2 responses to “Pimientos de Padrón

  1. Where can I purchase padron chiles? Having now tasted them, I need more!

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