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Spanish Fireworks

Our 4th of July celebrations always remind me of Spain’s incredible firework displays. Every Spanish fiesta concludes with sky-filling rockets accompanied by so many rounds of M-80s that it sounds like a gun battle. And there are an astonishing number of fiestas in Spain!

Fireworks over Valencia

Valencia is the epicenter of pyrotechnics. In March, Valencia’s Fallas is a celebration of fire and fireworks, music and parades. Another eye popping and fiery Valencian festival is Moors and Christians. One year we went along with friends to the village of Biar, near Valencia, to be in the Moors and Christians parade. Then we feasted on course after course of tapas, legs of lamb, whiskey and cigars. The finale of the whole event was a pyrotechnic display that lit up the sky, complete with fireworks cascading down the castle walls. The surrounding hillsides were lit with fires that spelled out “Ave Maria.” Now that was a festival!

Between World Cup games and the Fourth of July, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate, light fireworks, and fire up the grill this weekend! On Saturday July 3rd at 11:30 AM, Spain takes on Paraguay in the World Cup quarter finals. Since the game will be at lunchtime, you can make a Spanish hot dog by grilling some Bilbao Chorizo, serve in a bun topped generously with sliced piquillo peppers. Pour yourself a cold Estrella Damm beer, turn up the volume and pretend you’re at the game!

Spanish Hot Dogs!

The weather forecast for Sunday, July 4th is sunny, so while you’re waiting for the fireworks to start, grill up a batch of Halloumi cheese and spicy Merguez sausage. And then follow up the tapas with a paella on the grill. Our suggested grilling Meats: Ole Ole brand fresh Merguez; Butifarra and Chorizo Picante; Barcelos Linguica – in Mild, Medium and Hot; Goularts Smoked Chorico; and Zoe’s Meats Chorizo – now in 8 oz size!

Marinades for meat:
Naranja Agria Sour Orange or Mojo Marinade. Delicious with pork!
Chiqulin pincho Seasoning and Porque Pig seasoning rub for meat skewers.

We currently carry five different brands of Halloumi. This is the grilling or “Squeaky” cheese from Cypress. Halloumi is usually made with 100% sheep or a mixture or sheep and goat milk. We have both kinds — try the mixture if you like that goat tang kick on the finish. It is also a fantastic camping cheese. Grill it over the coals or the camp fire and serve it up while still hot!


Gamonedo – A rare blue cheese from Asturias. Gamonedo is a blend of 80 percent cow’s milk and 20 percent goat’s milk, with a texture similar to Cabrales. This cheese is carefully aged and lightly smoked. Smooth and rich, this cheese has a delicately earthy finish.

Queso Varé – A new farmhouse goat cheese from Asturias– grassy, buttery, and lemony with a mild, tangy finish. Cheesemonger Priscilla’s new favorite cheese.

Afuega’l Pitu Red – Asturian for “fire in the throat,” the name Afuega’l Pitu refers to the pimentón picante that flavors this young cow’s milk cheese. The texture is flaky and grainy with a creamy, acidic finish. The subtly chalky paste melts in your mouth with the perfect amount of heat. A perfect party cheese.

La Peral – This delightful blue from the Asturian town of Illas is made with Frisona cow’s milk. La Peral is a cross between a velvety washed rind cheese and a buttery Roquefort. Delicious, lusciously creamy, and sublty sweet with a tanginess all its own. It’s made in very small quantities and aged in Asturian caves for 60 days. It pairs perfectly with Pedro Ximenez Sherry.

King Cabrales – The best known of all Asturian cheeses and the strongest blue cheese on the planet. Well-known for its pungent and wonderfully complex flavors, Cabrales is a hearty component in many Spanish recipes. Try blending it with cream and pouring it over your grilled steaks and hamburgers this Fourth of July weekend.


2004 Bodegas Zuazo Gaston Reserva, Rioja ($19.99) Owned & managed by Prudencio Zuazo Gaston, where artisanal wines are produced from family-owned vineyards. The 2004 Reserva is made from all old vines, 90% Tempranillo, 5% Mazuelo, & 5% Graciano. Aged 20 months in barrel, it exhibits a purity of perfectly ripened fruit balanced by well integrated oak. Beautifully poised and complex, it is focused and smooth. Full-bodied with notes of smoke, it is polished and graceful, with silky tannins. The finish is sleek and long. Absolutely delicious!

2009 Muga Blanco, Rioja ($14.99) A blend of 90% Viura and 10% Malvasia. Slow fermentation in new French oak and 3 months aging on the lees gives this wine a fresh crispness, round texture and well-integrated oak flavors. Bright flavors of citrus and white fleshed fruit have abundant minerality and a clean, dry finish. Serve this with a mixed cheese plate of Nevat, Zamorano and blue La Peral or Cabrales.

2009 Auratus, Vinho Regional Minho
($16.99) A blend of 50-50 Trajadura and Alvarinho (called Albariño in Spain), made by a young Galician who bought land in Portugal. Auratus undergoes lees stirring with partial malolactic fermentation which gives this dry white a rich creaminess. Lemon and stone fruit notes have a vivid acidity and minerality. The persistent finish is dry and refreshing. It is phenomenal with shellfish!

2006 Casa de Mouraz, Dào ($10.99) Casa de Mouraz, the first organic winery in the Dào, now works biodynamically on several ancient vineyards dating from the 16th century. Wines are vinified as a field blend with the purpose of finding the essence of each terroir. 2006 Casa de Mouraz has an intense bouquet of red fruits, plum and rosemary with notes of chocolate. Aged in French oak for 8 months, this is an opulent wine with concentrated black fruit, vanilla, firm tannins and an elegant, lengthy finish. Amazing complexity for the price!

2004 Viyuela Crianza, Ribera del Duero ($19.99) “There is an intriguing contrast between the superripe fig, chocolate and marron glacé flavors and the vibrant acidity in this crianza. Its texture is generous as a chocolate bar, refreshed by the acidity and the tension of its firm tannins. A good partner now for pork loin in a tinto fino sauce, this will age with grace over the next decade.” 92 points Wine & Spirits

VISIT US ON LINE! Shop our wine website at Spanish Table Wines. For food, cookbooks, paella pans and all non-wine items, go to The Spanish Table website. For the latest product news from Paris Grocery, visit the PG Facebook page.

The Spanish Table and Paris Grocery will be closed on Sunday July 4th. Enjoy the

Thank you for being our customer!


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Spanish Wine Dinner and Market Cheese Festival

Where Zamorano Cheese come from

We met these churra sheep at a sustainable farm just outside Zamora, Spain. The farmer grows his own wheat for the animals, breeds his own stock and makes his own Zamorano cheese.
Immediately after milking, the milk is deposited in a refrigerated tank to begin the cheese making process. Once formed into wheels, the Zamorano is salted and aged for three weeks at mild temperatures, then aged in a cold humid cave for at least six months. The result is a cheese with a high fat content and an outstanding buttery, nutty flavor. Ask for a taste of Zamorano at our cheese counter!


A few seats are still available! Don’t miss this opportunity to taste eight phenomenal Spanish wines with Nicole Andrus, Spanish Specialist for Folio Fine Wine Partners. Nicole will take us through Folio’s outstanding portfolio of small estate wines. We’ll be tasting an Albariño, a white and red Rioja from superstar winemaker Alvaro Palacios, a red wine made by Mariano Garcia (formerly winemaker at Vega Sicilia for 30 years), a red from Ribera del Duero, and three outstanding Priorats.
La Taberna del Alabardero has developed a special five course menu to pair with these wines and perhaps the best part is that the price is only $58.00! (excluding tax and tip). For reservations, contact La Taberna del Alabardero 206.448.8884 and click menu to view the details.

The market’s cobblestone streets will be filled with cheesemaker’s tents, tastings and seminars this weekend. And here at The Spanish Table and Paris Grocery, we’ll be celebrating the artisanal quesos and fromages of Iberia and France. When you’re ready for a break from the throngs, come down to Western Avenue for our cheese festival!

Rhapsody in Blues
We have a medley of six Spanish blue cheeses. Here are two that will hit the right notes.

Le Bleu des Basques is one of our most requested blue cheeses. From a cooperative in the Pyrenees, this 100 percent alpine sheep’s milk cheese has fine indigo veining and a clean brebis taste. Stiltonesque and crumbly with a faint nutty sweetness, this cheese is extremely well-balanced and less salty than most blues.

Cabrales is bluer than Billie Holiday & Koko Taylor put together! This one is not for sissies, but if you are a fan of assertive and piquant blues, you will love Cabrales. Stars in many Spanish recipes; it is frequently blended with cream or olive oil and used as a sauce over steak. Enjoy with a bold, full-bodied red.

A Cheesemonger’s Dozen
Now say this list five time fast.

On Sunday, the cheese festival will feature a seminar about Basque cheese recipes making their way to the States. Here are a dozen of our favorite imported Basque cheeses:

Idiazabal, Kaikou (we’re the only ones in the country to carry this!), Etorki, Le Bleu des Basques, Vallée d’Aspe Brebis, an artisanal Ossau-Iraty, Abbaye de Belloc, Agour Piment d’Espelette, Basque d’Argental, Petit Agour, Tomme Brulée, and Isaac’s favorite, Le Basquaise.

And rounding out our “cheesemonger’s dozen” of Basque region cheeses is Vallée d’Aspe Chèvre— a goat curado that’s olivey and grassy with a caramelized, nutty finish. You can find this one at our sister store, Paris Grocery.

Special Offerings for Hard-Core Cheeseheads and People from Wisconsin
This category also doubles as the party cheese category.

La Serena gets the party started. This rich, creamy sheep’s milk cheese from Extremadura has a fruity sharpness combined with an earthy, pungent flavor.
Serpa offers complex milky notes of apricots and herbs– quite a tangy torta.
Alma is a wee goat curado with a burst of citrus flavor and a lingering goat tang finish.
Queijo de Azeitão is the cheese I’d recommend for a romantic picnic for cheese nerds. A full-flavored Portuguese sheep’s milk cheese with notes of fruits and flowers.
Afuega’l Ppitu Red melts on the palate like jalapeño cream cheese– a unique and spicy cheese.

Top 5 Cheeses I’d Take With Me To My Post-Apocalyptic Bomb Shelter
The important thing here is to have cheeses that are überlicious and keep well.

Monte Enebro would actually not keep for more than 3 weeks, but I would sooner die than live without this cheese. Monte Enebro is the bomb; if you haven’t tried it, you haven’t lived yet.
Ros just keeps on getting better with age (like George Clooney, or Steve Winston). In fact I would not eat this cheese until a little time had passed. The paste develops a crystalline, crunchy texture and has lingering notes of brown sugar. Our wheels are aged for one year.
Buenalba Iberico has the creaminess of cow milk, the nuttiness of sheep milk, and the tanginess of goat milk. A single-estate cheese made with all three types of milk!
Zamorano is a staff and customer favorite. Its popularity is due to the udders you see pictured above. The Churra sheep produce deliciously complex and flavorful milk.
Artequeso 1 Yr. Manchego is the granddaddy of Manchegos, and the best one available in the States. This is our top-selling cheese!
Queso Leonora is the winner of last year’s Seattle Cheese Festival. It’s an exceptional soft-ripened goat cheese from a small producer in Leon. Tangy and robust with a lemon zing and a lingering, electric finish.
George and Rachel, Head Cheesemongers



2008 Benaza Godello, Monterrei ($14.99) Wines made from the Godello grape are fast becoming a hit here at Spanish Table, as customers discover the full-bodied and savory nature of these whites. The Godello is grown only in Spain and Benaza is made from 30 to 50 year old vines. Aged 2 months on the lees, it has floral aromas with flavors of citrus peel and a creamy acidity. “Dusty citrus pulp and zest aromas are complemented by notes of white flowers and quinine. Very fresh and precise but also fleshy, offering energetic lemon and orange flavors and a late note of herbs. The dry finish features good mineral snap.” 89 points Stephen Tanzer

2008 Espelt Sauló, Emporda ($11.99) One of our favorite areas of Spain is the Costa Brava north of Barcelona where this lively wine is produced. Sauló is a blend of Garnacha and Carignan with delightful aromas of smoke and red fruit. Juicy notes of fruity raspberry and cherry have a light herbalness and refreshing minerality. Well balanced, it has great lift and a long spicy finish. Excellent served with Montcabrer goat cheese from Catalonia!

2007 Del Fin del Mundo Reserva Malbec ($14.99) This is a superb 100% Malbec from Patagonia, Argentina. Aromas of ripe black fruit are focused and pure. A graceful minerality underlies rich boysenberry liqueur, earth and coffee. Full-bodied and nicely balanced, this decadent wine is best served with grilled sausages or beef tenderloin.

2006 Altozano Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon ($9.99) A blend of 65% Tempranillo and 35% Cabernet Sauvigon from La Mancha, Altozano is a fruit-driven, easy drinking red. With aromas of red fruits and blackberries, it is fresh and intense on the palate with notes of spice and a light touch of tannic grip. Partially oaked, it has a roundness on the palate with excellent balance and versatility. This is a great choice to serve with tapas.

2007 Valdueza, Extremadura ($14.99) Renowned for pure and fragrant olive oils, the Marques de Valdueza began producing wines several years ago with the help of Bordelaise winemaker Dominique Roujou de Boubee. A blend of Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot, Valdueza has aromas of dark fruits and spice. Rich in the mouth with a velvety concentration, this full-bodied red has flavors of sweet boysenberry liqueur and black licorice with silky tannins. Excellent with Jamon Serrano and Chorizo.

2007 Bramare Viña Cobos Malbec, Lujan de Cuyp Argentina ($42.00) “A lush, flattering style, with alluring blueberry, plum and boysenberry fruit flavors carried by creamy-textured tannins, flowing through a spice-infused finish. Drink now through 2011.” 92 points Wine Spectator

VISIT US ON LINE! Shop our wine website at Spanish Table Wines.
For food, cookbooks, paella pans and all non-wine items, go to The Spanish Table website.
For the latest product news from Paris Grocery, visit the PG Facebook page.

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Padron Plants are Here!

Our sunny winter weather has us thinking of gardening, and how great it was to fry up all of those Padron Peppers last summer! We’ve now got Padron plants for sale at Spanish Table for $4.99 each. Don’t plant them outside yet; keep them indoors in a sunny window and let them grow until it’s consistently above 45 degrees at night, (mid-May or early June).

Spanish Table Seattle & Paris Grocery Newsletter

March 19, 2010


With St. Patrick’s Day over and the craving for green beer satisfied, we’re turning our attention back to wine. Here are some great finds, all for under $20.00!

2008 Los Bayos Joven, El Bierzo ($7.99) It’s rare to find a wine from the El Bierzo region for this price, especially one produced from 40 year old vines. Made of 100% Mencia, Los Bayos displays all of the minerality and black fruit flavors typical of this grape. With aromatics of earth, ripe berries and leather, the body is rich with concentrated notes of boysenberry liqueur and hints of chocolate. It’s got impressive length, and is an all around excellent wine for this price!

2008 Benaza Mencia, El Bierzo ($13.99) This Burgundian-style Mencia is loaded with black fruit, notes of earth and abundant minerality. “Bright ruby. Black raspberry and cherry on the nose, with notes of cracked pepper, licorice and violet adding complexity. Refreshingly bitter dark berry flavors are given spine by a tangy mineral quality and betray no rough edges. Finishes with mouthwatering acidity and a bitter cherry skin quality. This will be very flexible at the table.” Stephen Tanzer 2007

Emilio Moro Finca Resalso, Ribera del Duero ($13.99) “The 2007 Finca Resalso was sourced from younger vines and aged in French oak for four months. Dark ruby-colored, it emits an enticing perfume of mineral, violets, black cherry, and blackberry. On the palate it reveals an elegant personality, savory, spicy flavors, good depth, and a fruit-filled finish. Drink this tasty effort over the next four years. The Moro family has been making wine in Ribera del Duero for over 120 years.” 90 points Wine Advocate 2007

D’Este Vinos El Molinet, Valencia ($14.99) “80% tempranillo and 20% cabernet sauvignon. Deep, bright red. Fresh red berry and baking spice aromas are strikingly brisk and focused. Racy, light-bodied raspberry and cherry flavors are unencumbered by tannins but nicely framed by juicy acidity. Pinot-like in its vivacious, red-fruit expression and firm finishing cut. This is really delicious.” 90 points Stephen Tanzer 2007

Volver La Mancha ($15.99) “…(100% tempranillo). Bright purple. Sexy aromas of blackberry, incense and cocoa powder are complemented by a suave smoky quality. Plush, creamy dark berry flavors possess plenty of weight but are energized by racy minerality. Chewy tannins arrive with air, adding grip to the broad, sappy, persistent finish. Complex enough to enjoy now.” 90 points Stephen Tanzer


Bacalao (salt cod) fillets and pieces; Greek Olive Mix: Mt. Athos Green, Chalkididi, Kalamata and black oil cured olives finished with a sprinkle of wild herbs; Pirámides de sal: Coarse sea salt flakes in the shape of pyramids; Revilla Chorizo Español: Stop by and try a sample this weekend. We’ll cut pieces to order. Pitted Dates: Stuff with Cabrales blue cheese and wrap them in bacon as a tapa. Sweet, savory, and delicious!

Arriving this afternoon: Paella Pans of all sizes!


Tomorrow is the first official day of spring, and we at Paris Grocery are ready to welcome it with open arms. And tastebuds. We’re thinking apéritifs, charming sweets in pastel palettes, frisée salad with lardons and poached egg, and a tangy goat cheese that evokes the fresh flavors of the season.

Dolin Vermouth de Chambéry: The only Vermouth with an AOC designation, Dolin has none of the cloying sweetness or overly bitter qualities found in bottom-shelf Vermouths. $13.99/each. Fee Brothers Bitters: Try all three flavors in your artisan cocktails: Old-Fashioned, Orange, and Mint. Calissons: A traditional treat from Aix-en-Provence. A chewy paste of almonds, sugar, and Cavaillon melon with a touch of orange rind and just the right amount of royal icing. Marshmarshmallow Ropes: Do like the cool enfants and eat these adorable ropes right out of the package! Lemon, Raspberry or Violet flavors, $1.99 each Lardons: Simply cut into cubes and fry for a rich, salty, and crispy addition to frisée salad, quiche, soups, tarte flambée, even Brussels sprouts. La Pointe Goat Cheese: A farmhouse goat cheese from the Loire Valley, this creamy, slightly crumbly cheese has initially herbaceous and milky aromas, which intensify into a tangy finish. A Sauvignon Blanc would perfectly accent its delicate fruitiness. $19.99/each


At La Taberna del Alabardero, March 25th, 26th and 27th: Jesus Montoya Flamenco Company performs.

At Cafe Paloma, 93 Yesler Way Saturday March 20th: Arte Flamenco Reservations: 206-405-1920.

At Cafe Solstice, Saturday March 27th: Carmona Flamenco with guest artist Ana Montes.


Click The Spanish Table wine to visit our wine website.

Click The Spanish Table to purchase food, books, cookware and other non-wine items.

Visit our sibling store, Paris Grocery’s Facebook page for the latest new products.

Have a great week and we’ll see you soon!


Sharon Baden and Steve Winston, Owners

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